Apex Offers Local’s “Learn to Rock Climb” Program

11 06 2009

With the closing of the Teva games, it’s a great time for locals to get out and play in the Vail Valley. And what better way to do that then to try your hand at climbing with the help of the #1 rated climbing guides in the valley?

Apex Mountain School is offering a local’s “learn to rock climb in Vail” day for little more than the cost of pizza and a refreshment. “It was important for us to offer an inexpensive alternative to locals during the off-season,” says Scott Smith, Director of Apex Mountain School.

“During the slow season, it’s a cool way to get some of our local residents out that may not have had the opportunity to otherwise,” says Smith, “and we also appreciate the chance to mentor aspiring climbers in a safer introduction to the sport.”

Smith says rock climbing is a great way to put yourself more in touch with the outdoor environment, build confidence and self esteem, and encourage bonding, among many other benefits. He expects the course to be popular due to the sunnier days and low cost. “We have a limited number of spots available and we expect a strong turnout, so we encourage folks to register soon and reserve a spot,” says Smith.

The course will take place on Sunday, June 14, from 9am to 12:30pm, and is open to the public. Topics include climbing technique, belay practices, anchors, and more. All ages, ability levels and fitness levels are welcome. All activity equipment is provided. Cost is $35. Call Apex at 970-949-9111, or email climb@apexmountainschool.com to register today.




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