Scenic Cruise of the black Canyon in Gunnison

10 06 2010

Apex Mountain School guides, Scott Smith and Curtis Green, topped out on The Scenic Cruise in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison on Friday June 4th around dinner time. The rim of the canyon, 2000 feet above them, looked down upon them most of the day with a slight grin and the promise of one amazing adventure. Armed with determination and focus, at 4:30 am, Scott and Curtis began the task of descending between the chasm walls to reach the start of the route. Curtis and Scott took turns leading the exposed and exciting leads. They did not plan on spending the night on the wall; the only gear they carried was what was necessary to sustain their energy and essential climbing gear to protect the climb. Halfway up, they ran out of precious water. With a second (and maybe third) wind they reached the top of canyon rim looking for food, water and cold beer (although the warm beer tasted just fine).   Congratulations!

For some great photos of rock climbing in the Black Canyon visit us on Face book at!/pages/Apex-Mountain-School/96532368658?ref=ts

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