Trips & Climbs

A guided adventure with Apex is your chance to break away from the norm.  Challenge yourself with an adventure that goes beyond everyday activities.  Best part, you are with a seasoned professional.

Alpine Climbing

Backcountry Descents

GPS Challenge

            Vail Region, CO

Ice Climbing

            Chalk Creek, CO

            East Vail, CO

            Rifle, CO

            Red Sandstone, CO


            El Potrero Chico, Mexico

            Tanzania, Africa

            Yangshuo, China

Mountain Biking

            Vail Pass, CO

            Moab, UT

Multi Adventure

            The Vail Challenge

Rock Climbing

            Castle Valley, UT

            Moab, UT

            Flat Irons, CO

            National Monument, CO

            Roof Rock & Fraggle Rock, CO

            Camp Hale, CO

            Rifle, CO

            Table Mesa, CO

            Wolcott, CO

            Hornsilver Tiers, CO

            El Potrero Chico, Mexico

            Yangshuo, China

Ski Touring & Hut Trips

Snowcat Skiing

            Vail Snowcat Skiing


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